Who We Are

DYG SMART is a technology company in the world of car accessories


The company was founded by three partners, leading business executives in their fields whose main goal was to make our travel experience safer and more comfortable through smart solutions.
DYG provides innovation in the automotive world. The company is distinguished in the field of vehicle equipment due to the development and production of cutting-edge solutions. The company’s solutions encompass a wide range of needs and products and incorporate the most advanced technology available in the market. The high functionality of the company's solutions makes it possible for drivers to feel confident and comfortable while allowing an open field of vision inside the vehicle thanks to the combination of several products into one smart solution.
Drivers who have switched to DYG's advanced products now enjoy maximum technology and safety while experiencing the next generation in car accessories.
The company's products are developed in Israel and comply with the highest global standards of quality assurance. The Israeli R&D Industry is renowned for its high technology and the superior quality of its products. DYG's innovative advantage is reflected by the number of patents the company currently holds.
The automotive industry offers numerous products for a multiplicity of markets. This plurality of products places a burden on consumers and drivers. DYG offers optimal solutions specifically for the private consumer market.
The company's products are sold on leading websites across the globe as well as on dedicated e-commerce websites. This stems from the same DNA of the owners of the company who constantly strive to simplify processes and aim to make our customers’ lives more enjoyable and carefree. In addition, the company's products can also be obtained at a number of quality points of sales.


Electronic engineering

design of electrical circuits and their adaptation to products.


research and integration of suitable technological products and other parts of the system based on the interaction between people and the direct environment.

Industrial design

development and creation of products and serial production during the the different phases of research, planning, conception, implementation and innovation.


A prototype is a preliminary model for examination and experimentation

Research and Analysis

customized products to meet the customers’ goals and expectations.

Branding and packaging

done in accordance with the highest standards of global quality assurance.


DYG Smart Ltd has partners all over the world. Some of our partners include, but are not limited to: cellular companies, car camera manufacturers, phone holder manufacturers, marketing networks, distributors and stores.
Business development can be defined as the action of pursuing strategic partnerships in order to increase business activity and future profits — whether through the development of new products or complementary products, the development of new markets, company acquisitions, technological updates or business expansion.
Establishing partnerships is one of the best ways to develop a business and that is why DYG is here for you.
DYG offers you the most effective way to achieve your business development goals. The basis for a successful partnership is reciprocity; each party brings its own unique strengths to the table, thus, contributing to each other’s success.

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